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Home > Knowledgebase > How do I set my preferences in Cute FTP? 22 Feb 2019
How do I set my preferences in Cute FTP?
Flash Tutorial:

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  You should put your web files in the wwwroot folder.
You should put your MS Access Databases in the db folder.

1. Open up the settings dialogue box by clicking Edit and then Settings

2. You may choose the default screen you would like to see when you launch Cute FTP, by clicking Connection on the left side of the screen, then choose the screen you want from the Upon Startup Launch.

3. You may also change the number of times the Cute FTP retries to connect in the event it is unsuccessful the first time

4. Click on the plus sign next to Connection on the left and then select Firewall. When attempting to connect to your site, if you receive an error saying Error Opening Data Socket, put a check mark in the PASV mode box and in the Enable firewall access box. If that still doesn't work, uncheck the Enable firewall access box and try again.

5. Click Display on the left side of the screen. The settings on this screen are pretty self explanitory. One setting that you may want to change is the Double Click Action

6. Click the plus sign left of display to change the color, fonts and sound
Further Assistance: Please submit a support ticket by emailing Include the ftp server name, ftp username, and ftp password you are using. Also, please include any specific error message / problem you are experiencing.
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