Routine Maintenance

We will be performing some routine maintenance on a few of our legacy servers tonight 9/10/2019. During that time, web services hosted on those servers will be unavailable. Email will continue to function as normal. We do not expect the maintenance to take longer than 2-3 hours and will update this announcement with any progress or delays.

Thanks for your patience with our efforts to improve our service offerings and quality of service,
EasyASP Team. 

Update 2 AM EST

Most of the servers are already back online. Only a few are left that we expect to be back up within the next hour. We'll update this announcement with any delays or once the maintenance has been completed. Thanks, EasyASP Team.

Update 3 AM EST

All servers are back online. We will need to do some follow up maintenance on a few of them tonight 9/11/2019 as well as with one of the email servers. We expect the maintenance window to be between 10PM EST and 2AM EST but will update this announcement if that changes. Thanks, EasyASP Team.