Account Migrations

Beginning in July 2019 we will be testing migration to a new hosting control panel, operating system, and hardware. Once migration testing has been completed we will be migrating existing accounts in batches to the newer service structure and disable account access to the older hosting controller.

We're working hard to make the migration as smooth and transparent as possible with little to no downtime for client websites.

If you find you cannot login to the old hosting control panel at please open a support ticket with our tech team at and they'll either resolve your login issue or provide the login credentials for the new hosting control panel.

Additionally, if you find your website is not behaving normally also open a ticket with our tech team so they can investigate. It may be a result of the migration or some other pre-existing issue but we'll do our best to resolve it.

Thanks for your patience with our efforts to improve our service offerings and quality of service,
EasyASP Team. 

Update: 7/25/2019

1) Migrated sites that send email using a script will need to update the server property to "localhost" otherwise email functionality will fail.

2) DNS will be automatically updated for those domains currently using our nameservers. It's highly recommended that migrated domains update their domain nameservers to:

EAH shared hosting clients:

EAH Reseller clients:

Those clients choosing to keep their DNS hosted externally will need to update their web IP DNS records to

At some point in the future the old nameservers will be taken offline and any domains still using them will not resolve to the new hosting servers.

3) The new servers also do not support older versions of scripted email functionality. If any of your ASP or .Net scripts send emails please make sure you are already using Microsoft CDOSYS. If not you'll need to have your webmaster or web developer update those scripts using the following code as an example

Dim objMessage, objMessage2, objConfig, Flds
set objMessage = createobject("cdo.message")
set objConfig = createobject("cdo.configuration") Set Flds = objConfig.Fields
Flds.Item("") = 2
Flds.Item("") = "localhost"

Set objMessage.Configuration = objConfig
objMessage.To = contYourContactEmail
objMessage.From = Chr(34) & contFromEmail & Chr(34) & " <" & contFromEmail & ">"
objMessage.Subject = contSubject
objMessage.TextBody = contBody

For a nominal fee, we can update your website pages code to support the new email functionality. Just open a support ticket with us and include the page URL(s) "Web Address(es)" you'd like updated and we'll reply with a quote.
All account migrations have been completed. As always, if you encounter any issues please open a support ticket with our Tech Team and they'll do their best to resolve it. Thanks for your continued business ! EasyASP Team.