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Home > Knowledgebase > How do I transfer files in WS_FTP? 20 Nov 2019
How do I transfer files in WS_FTP?
Flash Tutorial:

Click Here

  You should put your web files in the wwwroot folder.
You should put your MS Access Databases in the db folder.

1. This tutorial will teach you how to transfer your files to and from your server using WS_FTP PRO

First check to make sure that your settings are correct in the options section.

Click the icon as shown.

2. Click Extensions.

You should ensure that WS_FTP knows which file types you would like transferred in ASCII format. The following are the most common ones.

To add the extensions simply write them in the ASCII Filenames and Extensions and click add.

After all Extensions are listed click Transfers.

3. Set the number of times you want WS_FTP to automatically retry after a failed transfer.

Click OK.

4. Now we can go ahead and connect to the server and transfer some files.

Select the site in which you would like to transfer files.

Click and hold Sites drag the mouse down to MySites then over the profile name your defined.

5. We can now see the files on your local computer and on the remote server.

Note: Your web files should be uploaded to the wwwroot folder on the server.

If you would like to upload multiple files, highlight the first file then, holding down the Ctrl key highlight the last file.

With the files highlighted, click the Upload button.

6. You may be asked if you wish to overwrite a file if one already exists with he same name.

Click overwirte if you wish do copy over the original file.

7. The files have been successfully uploaded

8. You can also view the contents of a file.


9. If you have properly configured the settings in the Options menu, you may leave your Transfer mode to Auto. However, you do have the option to switch to ASCII or Binary.

Further Assistance: Please submit a support ticket by emailing Include the ftp server name, ftp username, and ftp password you are using. Also, please include any specific error message / problem you are experiencing.
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