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Home > Knowledgebase > How do I configure payments in Miva Merchant? 20 Sep 2019
How do I configure payments in Miva Merchant?
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Very Important: Miva Merchant allows you to accept many methods of payments including real time credit card processing and PayPal.

1. This tutorial will show you how to configure payments in Miva Merchant.

Miva makes it simple with Miva Payment, an Internet Payment service that routes orders form your Miva Merchant storefront to the banking system for processing.

2. To select and configure another payment service of your choice, press OTHER. Otherwise, click Next to set up Miva Payment.

3. Select the package you wish to use. Click Next.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions and click to specify that you agree to them.

Click Next.

5. Click to indicate whether you are creating a new account or replacing an existing one.

Click Next.

6. Create a new login and password for your Miva Payment Account.

Make sure you verify your password. Click Next.

7. By default, your existing contact information is already displayed. Check it for accuracy and proceed to the next step.

8. Enter your credit card information. This is for making your monthly payments for your Miva Payment service. Payments are made on the 1st of every month.

After adding your credit card details, your done. Let's take a look at how to use a payment solution other than Miva Payment.

9. Click Configure Payment

Click Other.

10. Select the payment module that corresponds to the payment gateway/processor that you would like to use.

Click Next.

11. Enter the Email address of which you would like to receive notification of sales on your site.

Click Next

12. Normally, the pre populated Payment URL will be the one to use. Change it only if your processor (Paypal in this case) instructs you otherwise.

Click Next.

13. Review the information and click Finish to complete the setup

Further Assistance: Please submit a support ticket by emailing Include your helm username and domain. Also, please include any specific error message / problem you are experiencing.
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