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Email SPF Records
We do NOT recommend having or implemeting an SPF record. If one of our clients wish to implement one, they are free to do so but we cannot provide technical support for these issues.

If you want to add an SPF for your domain, login to Helm at, click on Domains, click on your domain name, click on DNS Zone Editor, and add a TXT dns record with the data you think you need. We are not responsible for any missed emails, etc. for changes made to DNS records and do NOT provide technical support for SPF related issues.

There are three SPF scenarios that are tested

SPF FAIL - This means that a domain has SPF record and the mail was sent from a host not authorized to send the mail

SPF Soft Fail - Means the domain has no SPF record, so it cannot be

SPF PASS - Means the domain has a SPF record and the message was sent from a host that's authorized

No one should ever be blocking email that has a SPF Soft fail

By publishing an SPF record, you have to account for every single possible host that would transmit mail to other mail servers for your domain. If you don't do so accurately, then you will end up with some mail coming in as SPF FAIL and that could result in mail being blocked. Additionally, some mail server admins actually give a SPF PASS a slight spam weight because the only people who consistently publish SPF records are spammers. SPF spf
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