What is a Catch-all account ?
Article ID: 75
Created On: 17 Jun 2004
Author: Tech Support
Edited On: 07 Jan 2005
Edited By: EasyASP Tech Support

We no longer support catchall the catchall email account. With so much spam, spammers think your any email address at your domain is valid and will continue to bombard you with spam, thus clogging the mail server.

Instead of using a catch-all mail account, we suggest that you configure mail forwarders for individual email addresses that you actually want to accept incoming email for, and then direct those forwarders to a single POP3 account. For example, if you want to accept email for info@domain.com, sales@domain.com, and support@domain.com, but want all of that email to be directed to owner@domain.com, you would setup a POP3 account for owner@domain.com, and setup the other email addresses as forwarders.