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Home > Knowledgebase > What is a Virus Scanner ? 20 Nov 2019
What is a Virus Scanner ?

We are running SmarterMail for our mail servers. The spam and virus protection of SmarterMail is not adequate. Therefore, we have installed Declude Virus, Declude Junkmail, and Message Sniffer to help combat SPAM and viruses before they reach your inbox. If you wish to not have this service, simply contact support and we will disable the respective product on the domain level.

Below you will find some features of each of the products we have installed.

Declude JunkMail:

Declude JunkMail scans over 8 million e-mails each day, and the unique weighting system helps make false positives a problem of the past. Not only is Declude JunkMail is automatically turned on by default when we setup your hosting account.

Declude Virus:

Declude Virus detects viruses the competition can't. Declude virus is the simple answer for mail server virus control, eliminating many of the problems with traditional anti-virus solutions. It can work with the standard desktop virus scanner of your choice, allowing for high reliability and frequent updates. It scans all SMTP E-mail on the server, so the viruses never reach your desktop.

Message Sniffer (ant-SPAM):

Using advance pattern matching and artificial intelligence technologies from MicroNeil Research, Message Sniffer applies thousands of heuristic tests to each incoming message in just a fraction of a second. Unlike many anti-spam products that scan for content, Message Sniffer's tests search for combinations of spam features including message sources, common obfuscation techniques, Email and url targets and fragments, and even coding styles.

Message Sniffer is constantly learning. As new spam reaches our spamtraps, or is submitted by our users, a combination of automated learning systems and human intelligence is continuously at work improving the rule base, inventing new tests, and identifying new patterns... often we apply new filter rules before our users ever see a new piece of spam!

Message Sniffer collaborative anti-spam filters get stronger with each new user. Every participating system provides valuable tracking and performance information so that with each new system that uses Message Sniffer, the spammers have fewer places to hide and more resources working against them.

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